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Five Steps to Discovering Your Natural Talents

Five Steps to Discovering Your Natural Talents

Have you ever watched someone do something so effortlessly that you wondered how did they learn to do that?

Maybe you even asked the person, “How is it you are able to do that so well?” Maybe they replied to you, “I don’t know, I just do it” .

Maybe that statement left you scratching your head, thinking how that could be possible.  How could someone do something with such ease and not even know how they did it.

The answer is “natural talent”.

We all have it, natural talent that is.  It doesn’t mean that we all can do the same things with equal ease.  It means the opposite actually.
Each of us have a unique set of individualized natural talents that when developed and applied, allow us to give the best of who we are in whatever situation we choose.


So, if you are asking how you discover yours, answer the five questions below to find out:

1. To what kinds of activities are you naturally drawn?

2. What kinds of activities do you seem to pick up quickly?

3. In what activities did you seem to automatically know the steps to be taken?

4. During what activities have you had moments of subconscious excellence when you thought, “How did I do that?”

5. What activities give you a kick, either while doing them or immediately after finishing them, and you think, “When can I do that again?”


The answers to these questions speak to how we experience a state of flow when we are naturally drawn to something; Why we have a yearning and are drawn to certain activities over others; and, How we get lost in time when we are doing things that bring us satisfaction.

These are the areas in our life where we have the highest probability of excellent performance.  Once you discover what yours are, you can learn to develop them and apply them for the highest levels of engagement and satisfaction in your life.



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