Mindfulness Based Strengths Development for Individuals & Groups


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Your company has promoted individuals to leadership positions based on their work success as an individual contributor.  Help them to now be successful as a new leader by understanding, developing and applying their natural talents to lead others. Strengths-based leadership practices, when applied, are proven methods for increasing engagement, work satisfaction and overall performance within an organization.  Throughout this course, participants will be helped to enhance or develop their strengths-based leadership skills using the COReTM Model that includes a focus on their unique Competencies, the Opportunities that exist, what the Real situation calls for and how to Engage their own strengths as well as their teams’.


Mindful leaders have a governing presence whatever organizational level they are at.  That presence positively influences their own careers as well as the direction of associates, teams, family and community.  Our Mindful Leadership Training will teach participants the two skills paramount to effective leadership.  They will take away a practice that supports focus and concentration, insightful thinking and effective team building.


This leadership training is for executives and high-performing individuals who want to gain further insight into their own strengths, further develop their management style, lead effectively with mindful communication and enhance the performance of their teams.  The program is especially effective for leaders who are embarking on a new initiative, implementing change or simply want to grow both personally and professionally.  Backed by Gallup’s extensive strengths research, leaders can boost the engagement of their teams and produce better results.

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