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Mindfulness Skills

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Mindfulness is the self-regulation of attention with an attitude of curiosity, openness and acceptance.  Today’s workplaces require consistent, high-level performance, yet they can be places of stress and overwhelm.  This skills training will help your team with tools to stay focused and productive for top performance while igniting practices that help them to manage stress, improve communication and enhance health.

Some of the reported benefits of a mindfulness practice are:

  • Decreased Stress
  • Enhanced Immune Function
  • Better Emotional Regulation
  • Sharpened Focus
  • Managed Multi-Tasking
  • Improved Communication

Each mindfulness tool is carefully selected to give you options for both informal and formal practice.  We explain each method in detail, why it works, the science behind it, and how to start or deepen a work-site practice. We also cover ways to handle obstacles that may arise as one practices.

We’ll cover how mindfulness methods are tied to key skills such as focus, creativity and time management.  We’ll share best practices on using the energy of your brain for maximum productivity and whole-life balance.  Your team will have opportunities to build on their emotional quotient so that they work and live with less stress and more satisfaction.

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