Mindfulness Based Strengths Development for Individuals & Groups



The workshop was informative and very useful if you want to grow and succeed and become satisfied.

Nina Zaveri, Associate Professor Pharmacology, Touro University

The presenters were knowledgable, well organized, talented individuals.

Joanne Muellenbach, Director Jay Sextor Library, Touro University

This is a workshop to help you understand yourself and strategies to develop your individual strengths.

Adriana Norman, Asst. Director of Financial Aid, Touro University

The presentation and exercises gives you a way to see yourself through new eyes and allows for space to grow your own success plan.  The facilitators have a very down-to-earth approach to concepts that might otherwise feel overwhelming.

Catie Chung, Director of Nursing Graduate Programs, Touro University

The workshop was great. I like how you set the tone and kept the energy positive. You acknowledged participants as individuals. I learned how to identify my strengths and apply them in life. I also learned to value my strengths and recognize them in others.

Dorothy Smith, Clinical Counselor, The Phoenix Center

This workshop allows you the opportunity to discovery your strengths and weaknesses, apply the strengths to life and develop a mindset to practice those strengths in a stress-free way.

Rob Vereen, Financial Specialist, Pinnacle Financial Partners

The workshop was time spent very well; very valuable.

Andreas Abbing, Executive Vice President, AFCO-SC

Working with Renee as a consultant has been an impactful experience for me. She has a knack for getting to the issue at hand quickly and is good at pulling the out the solutions. As a leader of a team of people that come from all walks of life her expertise and insight have been invaluable. She is discreet and professional in every way. I look forward to working with her further and recommend her to any leader of any size organization.

Robert Dayton, President, Houses & Then Some, Inc. 

Britney’s coaching helped me move from knowing what to do, to having the courage to do it.  Her gentle and skillful probing helped reveal my desires to me, and the road blocks to them.  She helped me see that I had been putting the road blocks there myself and I was the one who could take them away.

Meg Benko, Manager at Engineering Firm

The series went by too quickly.  I liked learning how to pause and be in the moment.  It is important to be proactive and not reactive.  Be always present and mindful!

Greg Hall, Project Manager, Certus Bank

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