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I believe that by walking through the practice and doing it, it is easier to understand how to apply, and why to apply it to life.  Our minds are powerful and we often already know what our bodies need, yet we don’t find out because we don’t stop to listen.  We need to listen.  Chandra, you are a wonderful speaker and have found as way to be an advisor to our souls.

Jennifer de Groot, Fitness Manager, Certus Bank

Renee began working with our company as a coach with our senior staff group, and she was so effective that we integrated her into multiple levels of our organization. She has helped us with individual self-awareness and self-improvement, as well as leading us to be more effective in our separate departments throughout the company. She is also certified in multiple behavior analysis tools, and has been able to provide objective data to each of us on how to be most effective in our positions.

Nat Banks, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Human Technologies, Inc.

Attending the series showed me the importance of pausing, taking back control of the moment, using my breath to release and refocus.

Karen Speedling, Vice President, Evaluation Services Manager

I liked the discussions.  I don’t have to spend hours to make Mindful Breathing work or appeal to me.  I would recommend WellSmart Solutions.  Thanks so much!

Pam Hansen, Senior Vice President, Payroll & HRIS

Renee Anderson is a must in your toolbox. Her materials are clear, substantive and practical. Instead of being stuck with the negative pieces of people, Renee helps you make the most of their biggest strengths and that breeds transformation. Because of Renee’s coaching I have a deeper understanding of myself, my leadership abilities and some of my blind spots. As a result, we are experiencing a genuine transformation in my organization and Renee has been a significant contributor to that change.

Emily Perkins, President, PuroClean Disaster Relief

The awareness of the ways that we can be mindful, or even ways we may already be practicing mindfulness without realizing it, was what I liked about the sessions.

Jessica Appleby, Application Support Specialist

Sometimes you need a reminder in life to let go and take care of you, which in return takes care of others . . . I need to take a few moments each day to make mindfulness part of my routine.

Kim Heath, Administrative Assistant, Dixon Hughes Goodman LLC

Thank you Eimer and Chandra – I really enjoyed this!

Mandy Townsend, Executive Administrative Assistant, Dixon Hughes Goodman LLC

Make time to practice.  It’s important.

Sarah Windham, Senior Manager, Dixon Hughes Goodman LLC

I liked learning more about mindfulness.  It’s important to take the time to do it – it doesn’t have to be too lengthy.

Sarah Hemmings, HR Director, Dixon Hughes Goodman LLC

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