Mindfulness Based Strengths Development for Individuals & Groups



I liked it all!  The most important take-away was the exposure to new ideas I might not have had courage to look into on my own.

Lori Smith, Accountant, Dixon Hughes Goodman LLC

Very well delivered.  I liked the way you made us aware of mindfulness.  I did not know it existed.

Carmen Goulet, Financial Services Coordinator, SCHA

I like knowing that you can train your mind.  You have to do it!  It’s just like exercising!

Clay Thornton, Financial Advisor, Dixon Hughes Goodman LLC

The most significant take-away that I got from attending today was the importance of managing stress and the difference between good stress and chronic stress.

Allan Staluty, Senior VP, Advocacy, South Carolina Hospital Association

The training was very relaxing and opened my eyes to a new practice that I didn’t know anything about.

Sara Lamberson, Communications Manager, SCHA

The WellSmart mindfulness workshop was a very valuable training for our staff. Stress is one of the top health concerns among our employees. This training helped our staff to understand the causes of stress, health risks of chronic stress, and how to reduce stress through mindfulness practices. Our employees enjoyed the training very much and learned important skills to reduce stress, increase concentration, and improve performance.

Emily O’Sullivan, South Carolina Hospital Association

Chandra’s calm, cool, collected spirit makes her a natural leader and inspiration for others. She sets the example and lives by it.

Mary S.

In my search for inner peace and a positive environment, I have studied under tens of “experts” but what I have missed is someone who exemplifies what I seek. What makes Eimer stand out as a teacher of meditation and journaling is her vitality, health and strength. She is a living example of the positive energy gained from living a life of meditation. Eimer helps others learn not only the techniques but also the importance of meditation. She combines knowledge, experience, compassion and positive energy in a nurturing way.  I value having an example to whom I can look when I am uncertain about the course my life should take.  I am grateful for Eimer’s teaching and modeling skills and her willingness to share them with us.

Carol B.

Eimer’s personal and professional interest in Integrative Medicine began over 20 years ago when she completed a course in Mind-Body Medicine at Harvard.  Since then she had continued her training in Mindfulness, Journaling, Yoga, and Integrative Health Coaching. Eimer is a teacher and workshop facilitator who won’t ask any participant or client to try something she doesn’t already use in her own life. She not only believes in this approach to health and wellness professionally –she also lives it.

Deirdre Flynn, Director of Counseling

I’ve known Eimer a long time and I can tell you that mindfulness practice is hugely important in her day to day living.  Eimer approaches life with a great spirit of mindfulness, bringing clarity, purposefulness, practical wisdom and humor to the many challenges and opportunities which arise in her personal and working life. Such is her commitment to Mindfulness and its life enhancing benefits, I was not surprised when she decided to become a Mindfulness teacher. In a teaching environment Eimer is professional to the highest standards and is dedicated to creating the best possible learning experience for students.

Helen McLaughlin, Social Worker

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