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Introduction to Mindfulness Based Strengths

This short program introduces participants to the powerful connection between mindfulness and Strengths development.  We’ll show how the practice of mindfulness with focus on cultivating on one’s God-given talents can bring more success and satisfaction to participants’ lives.

Mindfulness-Based Strengths Development

This training teaches the benefits of mindfulness as participants discover their innate talents and begin to develop them into powerful Strengths. They will take the CliftonStrengths® Assessment to learn their Top-5 talents and then be guided through a process to understand how they can develop them into life-long strengths using a mindful approach.   This program is offered as a half-day training, two-day immersion or as part of an organizational development program.

Mindfulness Training

In this program, we’ll cover how mindfulness practices are helpful for reducing stress, decreasing inflammation in the body, improving mental focus and creativity and letting go of self-defeating behaviors. We’ll explore the mindfulness techniques used most in healthcare settings and the science behind them. We’ll give the theory behind each method, why it works, how to start or deepen a practice and ways to handle any stumbling blocks that may arise along the way.  Participants leave the workshop with a plan to make their practice a lasting one.  Offered as an introduction, workshop or series.

Stress Resilience

Dealing with stress is something we all have to tend to if we want to be our healthiest.  Having a success plan for stress opens an avenue to mitigate overwhelm and burnout. From healthy movement to time management, we cover a variety of topics so that participants can develop a stress-resilience plan that fits.  With overwhelm and never-ending to-do lists, life’s challenges can seem monumental.  This program is the antidote to a stress-filled life.

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